Jeroen van Nieuwenhuizen
IT infrastructure specialist



  • Personal

    In my free time I can be found cycling, having a few glasses of wine with friends or just having fun. My other free time activities include reading books, skiing, playing chess and go and exploring all kind of topics I get interested in. I also have 2 cats: Ruby and Perl.

  • Work

    I work as a consultant and technical trainer for Sue


An impression of what I do


Feel free to invite me for dinner if you think we can have an interesting or mutual benefitting conversation. If you have another offer, opportunity, or introduction that might make my life more interesting you can send an email to contact (at) jeroen (dot) se. Due to my other priorities, for example playing with my cats, I’ll only respond to those proposals that are a good match for my schedule and interests. Please do not try to call me by phone if I do not know you yet and you somehow managed to find my phone number somewhere.